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The International Women's Periodicals is a tool designed to assist scholars and researchers on all levels achieve faster, easier and more flexible access to a world class resource in women's studies. Search, access and evaluate women's issues through first hand accounts in the most significant periodical database of its kind.

Magazine and journal publications were an important form of communication during the mid 1800s through 1920s. Written primarily for women by both men and women, these periodicals offer a wide array of views about the roles of women in society and business. Suffrage and anti-suffrage writing, domesticity columns, and literary genres from poetry to serialized novels are included in these periodicals.

The International Women's Periodicals offers researchers the opportunity to interpret social, political, economic, and literary aspects of women's history. Advertisements, letters to the editors, articles, stories and poems allow scholars to study the perceptions of the role women play in culture and politics.

Our collection consists of

  • 45 Journals
  • 392 Volumes
  • 3,674 Issues
  • 111,071 Pages

This collection is from the archives of Primary Source Microfilm and the original collection was edited by Kristin H. Gerhard, Associate Professor and Librarian, Iowa State University.

The complete guide to the History of Women microfilm collection from Primary Source Microfilm is available at Primary Source Media's History of Women.

cover of Business Woman's Magazine

Business Woman's Magazine Volume 1, Issue 1, October, 1914.